Ayza’s Restaurant Menu & Price List Singapore 2024

Living in Singapore and looking for Ayza’s Restaurant Menu & Price List Singapore? Singmenu is the place where you can find menu lists with prices of every restaurant like Ayza’s Restaurant Menu & Price List Singapore. You can search any restaurant menus here with the latest menus from official Ayza’s Restaurant Menu & Price List Singapore outlets. We have collected and arranged the menus with prices below in tables for Ayza’s Restaurant Menu & Price List Singapore. You can also see Rasa Istimewa Restaurant Menu.

Ayzas Restaurant Menu

Ayza’s Restaurant Menu & Price List Singapore 2023

If you are living in Singapore and want to eat any of dish from Ayza’s Restaurant menu then you can visit this restaurant at the following location: 508 Jurong West Street 52, Singapore 640508. You can also order online any food from the menu.

Ayza’s Restaurant Menu & Price List Singapore. Got a delicious list of foods with a clean environment, you can find below with the latest prices. Singapore has many restaurants that have their own sense of foods and their way of presentation. Now let’s see how Ayza’s Restaurant Menu & Price List Singapore can assist us.

Menu Price
Char Kway & Tahu S$7.90
Char Kway S$7.90
Rojak & Telur Hitam S$9.40
Rojak & Sotong S$9.20
Rojak & Sotong & Telur Hitam S$10.70
Thosai Corner
Thosai Egg Masala S$5.50
Thosai Paper S$6.50
Vadai S$3.00
Masala Vadai S$3.00
Roti John Corner
Long John Chicken S$10.30
Long John Mutton S$10.30
Masala Varieties
Fish Masala S$13.70
Fish Methi S$14.40
Chilli Fish S$13.70
Kadai Fish S$13.70
Paneer Butter Masala S$12.30
Palak Paneer S$13.70
Mutter Paneer S$12.30
Mutton Masala S$12.30
Mutton Vindaloo S$13.70
Kadai Mutton S$13.70
Mutton Keema S$8.20
Dhall S$6.80
Manchurian Chicken S$13.70
Manchurian Gobi S$12.50
Manchurian Vegetables S$12.50
Chicken Malai S$12.50
Chicken Masala S$12.50
Butter Chicken Masala S$12.50
Mixed Tikka S$31.50
Tandoori Chicken (Half) S$16.40
Mutton Do Piazza S$13.70
A La Carte
Roti(French Loaf S$0.70
Nasi Putih S$0.70
Telur Dadar S$4.00
Thai Muslim Tom Yam Dishes
Tom Yam Daging S$10.00
Tom Yam Ikan S$10.00
Tom Yam Ayam S$10.00
Soup Ekor S$12.00
Tom Yam Udang S$10.00
Prawn S$10.00
Tom Yam Sotong S$10.00
Tom Yam Campur S$10.00
Murtabak Chicken S$10.50
Murtabak Mutton S$ 10.50
Prata Set Chicken S$9.00
Prata Set Mutton S$9.00
Local Dishes / Seafood
Ikan Siakap S$36.00
Ikan Pari S$27.00
Fish Head Curry S$23.50
Chilli Crab S$55.00
Ayza’s Special Packages
Family Package (Tom yam sup, lauk, sayur, telur & dessert) S$104.00
Combo Package (Tom yam sup, lauk, sayur, telur, dessert & nasi putih) S$118.00
Tulang Merah S$13.50
Briyani Tandoori Chicken S$11.70
Nasi Putih
Nasi Mui Fan S$8.60
Nasi Paprik S$9.50
Nasi Ikan Bilis Pedas S$8.00
Nasi Daging Kicap S$9.50
Nasi Daging Merah S$9.50
Nasi Ayam Merah S$9.50
Nasi Ayam Kicap S$9.50
Thai Muslim Noodle Dishes
Mee Soup S$8.60
Mee Hailam S$8.00
Mee Bandung S$8.00
Mee Tom Yam S$10.80
Mee Fish Ball S$9.50
Bee Hoon Goreng Singaporean S$8.60
Mee Hong Kong S$8.60
Mee Hor Fun S$8.60
Mee Goreng Thai S$7.50
Mee Pattaya S$8.60
Mee Tom Yam Seafood S$10.80
Kuey Teow Goreng Kerang & Seafood S$10.70
Mee Hokkien S$8.60
Mee Goreng Seafood Sambal S$8.90
Mee Goreng Isi Ketam S$10.00
Hor Fun Ekor S$13.60
Crispy Noodle S$6.30
Thai Muslim Rice Dishes
Nasi Goreng Daging Merah S$10.80
Nasi Goreng Isi Ikan Masam Manis S$12.20
Nasi Goreng Ayam Kunyit S$13.60
Nasi Goreng Kampung Special S$12.20
Nasi Goreng Tiga Rasa S$10.80
Nasi Goreng Tomato S$10.80
Nasi Goreng American S$10.80
Nasi Goreng Nenas S$10.80
Nasi Goreng Kerabu S$10.00
Nasi Goreng Pattaya S$8.60
Nasi Goreng Paprik S$10.80
Nasi Goreng Ayam Kicap S$10.80
Nasi Goreng Isi Ikan Tiga Rasa S$12.20
Ayza’s Special Fried Rice S$12.20
Nasi Goreng Ayam Sambal S$9.50
Nasi Goreng Salted Fish Special S$12.20
Nasi Goreng Isi Ketam S$10.00
Nasi Goreng Seafood S$8.20
Nasi Goreng Tomyam S$8.20
Nasi Goreng Ikan Masin S$8.20
Nasi Goreng Ayam S$8.60
Nasi Goreng Cina S$7.50
Nasi Goreng Ikan Bilis S$7.50
Nasi Goreng Thai S$7.50
Nasi Goreng Black Pepper S$10.80
Goreng Mamak
Mee Goreng Mutton S$9.50
Mee Goreng Chicken S$9.50
Plain Lassi S$5.90
Blackcurrant Lassi S$5.90
Orange Lassi S$5.90
Durian Lassi S$5.90
Strawberry Lassi S$5.90
Mango Lassi S$5.90
Fizzy Beverages
Fizzy Strawberry S$5.90
Fizzy Bluewave & Strawberry S$5.90
Fizzy Bluewave S$5.90
Fizzy Blueberry S$5.90
Fizzy Green Apple S$5.90
Fizzy Kiwi S$5.90
Fizzy Orange Kiwi S$5.90
Fizzy Mango S$5.90
Fizzy Salted Lemon Soda S$5.90
Fizzy Lemon Rock S$5.90
Fizzy Sweet Lemon Soda S$5.90
Coconut Milkshake S$5.90
Durian Milkshake S$5.90
Kiwi Milkshake S$5.90
Chocolate Milkshake S$5.90
Blueberry Milkshake S$5.90
Nescafe Milkshake S$5.90
Banana Milkshake S$5.90
Strawberry Milkshake S$5.90
Peach Milkshake S$5.90
Milo Milkshake S$5.90
Mango Milkshake S$5.90
Vanilla Milkshake S$5.90
Avocado Milkshake S$5.90
Oreo Milkshake S$5.90
Oreo Chocolate Milkshake S$5.90
Oreo Strawberry Milkshake S$5.90
Oreo Blueberry Milkshake S$5.90
Oreo Mango Milkshake S$5.90
Oreo Ice Cream Milkshake S$5.90
Oreo Orange Milkshake S$5.90
Oreo Pineapple Milkshake S$5.90
Oreo Peppermint Milkshake S$5.90
Oreo Apple Milkshake S$5.90
Date Milkshake S$5.90
Yam Milkshake S$5.90
Sparkling Beverages / Ice Blended
Blueberry & Strawberry Ice Blended S$6.00
Kiwi & Apple Ice Blended S$6.00
Orange & Kiwi Ice Blended S$6.00
Kiwi, Apple & Orange Ice Blended S$6.00
Orange & Blueberry Ice Blended S$6.00
Strawberry & Mango Ice Blended S$6.00
Blueberry & Apple Ice Blended S$6.00
Strawberry & Blueberry Ice Blended S$6.00
Mango & Peach Ice Blended S$6.00
Strawberry & Orange Ice Blended S$6.00
Orange & Peach Ice Blended S$6.00
Blueberry & Strawberry Ice Blended S$6.00
Blueberry, Apple & Kiwi Ice Blended S$6.00
Blueberry, Kiwi & Strawberry Ice Blended S$6.00
Strawberry, Mango & Orange Ice Blended S$6.00
Peach, Orange & Strawberry Ice Blended S$6.00
Ribena, Orange & Peach Ice Blended S$6.00
Ribena, Kiwi & Apple Ice Blended S$6.00
Ribena, Mango & Peach Ice Blended S$6.00
Ribena, Strawberry & Kiwi Ice Blended S$6.00
Bluelime, Mango & Peach Ice Blended S$6.00
Wheatgrass Ice Cooler S$6.00
Wheatgrass Ice Cooler S$6.00
Blueberry Ice Blended S$6.00
Soursop Ice Blended S$6.00
Mango Ice Blended S$6.00
Strawberry Ice Blended S$6.00
Kiwi Ice Blended S$6.00
Honeydew Ice Blended S$6.00
Pineapple Ice Blended S$6.00
Durian Ice Blended S$6.00
Guava Ice Blended S$6.00
Orange Ice Blended S$6.00
Rambutan Spin S$6.00
Longan Spin S$6.00
Watermelon Spin S$6.00
PIneapple Spin S$6.00
Lychee Spin S$6.00
Mango Spin S$6.00
Honeydew Spin S$6.00
Sour Plum Ice Blended S$6.00
Yam Ice Blended S$6.00
Corn Ice Blended S$6.00
Longan Juice S$4.00
Lychee Juice S$4.00
Rambutan Juice S$4.00
Soursop Juice S$4.50

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