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Liho Menu & Price List Singapore 2024

LiHO is a popular bubble tea chain that offers a diverse range of beverages on their menu. One of their signature drinks is the Cheese Guan Yin, a unique and refreshing blend of cheese foam and tea that has become a fan favorite. In addition to their bubble tea options, the LiHO menu also features a range of fruit juices, such as their Watermelon Jing Syuan and Mango Smoothie, that are perfect for those looking for a refreshing and healthy drink.

Liho Menu

Liho Menu & Price List Singapore 2024

Get extra ordinary taste by ordering any dish from the menu provided below. You can also see the different categories of this menu with dishes. Also view jollibee menu.

RestaurantLiho Reastaurant
Delivery Hotline+6565090314
Location180 Kitchener Rd, #02-K11, K13, Singapore 208539
Timings11AM to 10:30PM
Website/ Official Page

LiHO menu also offers a variety of snacks and light bites to pair with their drinks. Some popular options include their Golden Potato Nuggets, Crispy Chicken Cutlet, and the LiHO Signature Salted Egg Yolk Wings, which are crispy chicken wings coated in a flavorful salted egg yolk sauce. Whether you’re in the mood for a refreshing bubble tea or a savory snack, the LiHO menu has something for everyone. With a commitment to using high-quality ingredients and innovative flavors, LiHO has become a go-to spot for bubble tea enthusiasts.

Liho Menu Price Table

Golden Avocado
The Golden Avocado is a top pick amongst LiHO TEA unique Avo Delight series. The creamy and nutty taste of the avocado, blended with the sweetness of the gula melaka is the perfect treat for anyone on a tropical hot day.
Brown Sugar Pearl Avocado
The Brown Sugar Pearl Avocado puts a twist on the popular brown sugar pearl milk drink, with the avocado adding creaminess to the chewy brown sugar pearls and fresh milk.
Tropical Mango Avocado
A blend of two tropical fruits, the Tropical Mango Avocado leaves a sweet and creamy taste on the palate with the mango and avocado ice blend, and is Insta-worthy as well with the beautiful mix of green and yellow colours.
CheezHO Avocado
A thick and filling beverage, A combination of two of LiHO TEA specialties – the salty and savoury cheese topping on top of the creamy avocado blend. A must try for all LiHO TEA fans.
Milk Green Tea
A blend of milk and floral taste from Jasmine Green Tea, Milk Green Tea is a well-liked choice for those who prefer a sweeter option.
Earl Grey Milk Tea
A blend of milk and citrusy taste from Earl Grey Tea, the added milk in the Earl Grey Milk Tea brings out the fragrance of bergamot from the Earl Grey tea leaves.
Winter Melon Milk Tea
A blend of milk and refreshing sweet taste from Winter Melon Tea, the complementing flavours of the Winter Melon Milk Tea has become a favourite amongst Asians over the years.
Da Hong Pao Milk Tea
A trademark LiHO TEA specialty, Da Hong Pao Milk Tea is brewed from premium Oolong tea leaves, which brings a stronger and more flavourful boost to the original milk tea.
Classic Milk Tea With Golden Pearls
Classic Milk Tea With Golden Pearls Back by popular demand, the Classic Milk Tea is now packed with Golden Pearls that add a soft and chewy texture to the all-time favourite beverage.
Snow Mountain Chocolate Milk
Snow Mountain Chocolate Milk is an icy chocolate-flavoured milk topped with whipped cream and oreo crumbs, appealing to the chocolate enthusiasts.
Plum Green Tea
A soothing and refreshing drink for the throat, Plum Green Tea has a tangy aroma with a sweet plum taste, packed full of vitamins and antioxidants.
Calpis Lemon
Calpis Lemon hits the right spot between sourness and sweetness – it is a fun blend of lemon and lime slices, together with Calpis, a milky and acidic soft drink.
Lychee Aloe Ha
Lychee Aloe Ha is a lychee drink topped with crunchy aloe vera bits, sure to appeal to fans of sweet beverages.
Calpis Triple Peach
An all-time favourite on the LiHO TEA menu, Calpis Triple Peach contains milky Calpis topped with juicy and tangy peach puree, with a texture akin to a thick yoghurt drink.
Triple Peach Pomelo
An uncommon combination of peach and pomelo, the Triple Peach Pomelo is one of customers top picks at LiHO TEA that will be sure to surprise with its sweetness from the peach and citrus flavour of the pomelo.
Lychee Rose Jing Syuan Tea
The Lychee Rose Jing Syuan is a thirst-quenching drink, a lychee ice blend with rose syrup and floral notes of the Jing Syuan tea.
Mango Delight
The Mango Delight is a blend of mango with rich and creamy milk, sure to delight consumers with its sweet and sour flavour.
Red Bull Lychee Rose
The Red Bull Lychee Rose is an acquired taste with an array of flavours – sweetness of the lychee and peach ice blend, floral taste of rose puree, and unique taste of Red Bull – but the unique charms of the drink will surely suck you in and provide an ene
Brown Sugar Lover
The Brown Sugar Lover contains all the popular and essential ingredients in a bubble tea – brown sugar, black tapioca pearls and fresh milk. For a healthier alternative, the fresh milk can be upgraded to oat milk.
Cookies Machi
Upgraded version of the brown sugar milk tea beverage, topped with crunchy and sweet Lotus Biscoff bits, which adds a fun spin to the drink. Fresh milk can also be upgraded to oat milk.
Snow Mountain Da Hong Pao
Consists of premium oolong tea with a whipped cream and soy powder topping, a creamy and filling drink to satisfy your cravings.
Golden Da Hong Pao Oat Latte
Premium oolong tea leaves blended with oat milk, Golden Da Hong Pao Oat Latte is a guilt-free bubble tea option – the drink is naturally sweet and is low in sugar and fat. Topped with soft and chewy golden pearls.
Taro Da Hong Pao Latte
The taro da hong pao latte is a twist on the classic taro milk tea, it is made using premium oolong tea leaves, thick & nutty taro paste & low sugar oat milk, is healthier and of higher quality.
Chestnut Jing Syuan Latte
The chestnut jing syuan latte is the only chestnut beverage on the liho tea menu be sure to check this top pick out with its sweet & nutty infused flavor of the chestnut paste, paired with the creaminess of the milk & floral notes of the jing syuan tea.
Golden Mochi Jing Syuan Latte
Tired of pearls as your topping with bubble tea, then try this all new golden mochi jing syuan latte with drinkable mochi bits enjoy the soft & silkiness of the mochi, nuttiness of taro & chestnut paste with the comforting blend of milk & floral notes of
S$ 7.20
BREW / CheezHO Tea
Jing Syuan Tea
A creamy tea with floral notes that is light on the palate, Jing Syuan Tea is a popular choice on a hot and scorching day.
Jasmine Green Tea
A true classic, Jasmine Green Tea provides a revitalising boost packed full of natural antioxidants and vitamins.
Earl Grey Tea
A floral and citrusy tea, Earl Grey Tea leaves a lingering pleasant bitter taste on the tongue that will have you wanting for more.
Winter Melon Tea
A quintessential Asian beverage, Winter Melon Tea is a mild and gentle tea with a refreshing and sweet taste.
Honey Green Tea
A mix of honey and Jasmine Green Tea, Honey Green Tea is a perfect option on a day when you need a pick-me-up.
CheezHO Melon Tea
A blend of sweetness from the Winter Melon Tea and the distinct light, salty and savoury cheese foam from the cheese foam topping.
CheezHO Green Tea
A blend of floral taste from the Jasmine Green Tea and the distinct light, salty and savoury flavour from the cheese foam topping.
CheezHO DuckShit Tea
Don’t get fooled – this actually a premium oolong tea that is lightly roasted, with floral and musky notes. Topped with cheese foam that is salty and savoury.
Signature Coffee
LiHO TEA Signature Coffee is brewed and prepared from aromatic roasted coffee beans for a caffeine boost.
Da Hong Pao Yuan Yang
DA crowd pleaser especially amongst Asians, Da Hong Pao Yuan Yang is a blend of premium oolong tea leaves and coffee beans, sure to energise anyone with a strong caffeine boost.
Snow Mountain Salted Caramel Frappe
A fun bundle of contradictions, Snow Mountain Salted Caramel Frappe is an ice blended caramel drink with a salty yet sweet flavour, further enhanced with a light whipped cream topping and crunchy chocolatey oreo crumbs.
Jing Syuan With Stevia Or Zero Sugar
The healthier & tastier option
Jasmine Green Tea With Stevia Or Zero Sugar
Delicate & fresh flavour profile infused with sweet floral notes
Earl Grey Tea With Stevia Or Zero Sugar
A blend of citrus flavor & milk in the earl grey milk tea brings out the fragrance of bergamot from the earl grey tea leaves
Da Hong Pao With Stevia Or Zero Sugar
Stevia or zero sugar
Jing Syuan Tea
Smooth, light & refreshing
Earl Grey Tea
Made with black tea leaves creating an aromatic & robust flavor profile
Jasmine Green Tea
A light & refreshing tea filled with natural antioxidants that boosts your immune system
Da Hong Pao
Brewed to perfection with premium oolong tea leaves, has a unique earthy and sweet aftertaste
Healthier Choice – Fresh Lemon Brew Tea
Fresh Lemon Jing Syuan Tea With Stevia Or Zero Sugar
Chilled citrus bliss
Fresh Lemon Earlgrey Tea With Stevia Or Zero Sugar
No-added sugar, low-calorie blend of sweet & aromatic earl grey tea
Fresh Lemon Green Tea With Stevia Or Zero Sugar
A summer favourite, refreshing & full of citrusy flavour
Fresh Lemon Da Hong Pao With Stevia Or Zero Sugar
Brewed with premium oolong tea leaves & infused with freshly squeezed lemon juice to create the perfect summer beverage
Healthier Choice – Oat Latte
Jing Syuan Tea Oat Latte
Tastes even better when paired with delicious toppings
Earl Grey Tea Oat Latte
Best plant-based alternative to satisfy your cravings
Green Tea Oat Latte
Made with freshly brewed tea, non-dairy milk to produce an earthy & creamy taste
DuckShit Oat Latte
Premium slightly roasted oolong tea paired with creamy oat milk

Categories Of Liho Singapore Menu

  • MiLK TEA
  • Healthier Choice – Fresh Lemon Brew Tea
  • BREW / CheezHO Tea
  • Healthier Choice – Oat Latte

Liho Menu- AVO DELiGHT Price

Liho Menu- AVO DELiGHT
Liho Menu- AVO DELiGHT

Liho Menu- Milk Tea Price

Liho Menu- Milk Tea
Liho Menu- Milk Tea

Liho Menu- FRUiTEA Price

Liho Menu- FRUiTEA
Liho Menu- FRUiTEA

Short Video Of Liho Singapore Menu

Location And Contact

Opening And Closing Hours

  • Wednesday, 11AM–9PM
  • Thursday, 11AM–10PM
  • Friday, 11AM–10:30PM
  • Saturday, 11AM–10:30PM
  • Sunday, 11AM–10:30PM
  • Monday, 11AM–10PM
  • Tuesday, 11AM–10PM

Alternatives Of Liho Menu

LiHO is a popular bubble tea chain, so if you’re looking for alternatives to their menu, here are some options:

Other Bubble Tea Chains:

There are numerous bubble tea chains that offer a variety of flavors and options similar to LiHO. Some well-known alternatives include Koi, Gong Cha, Sharetea, and Tiger Sugar. These chains often have their own unique drinks and customizable options.

Independent Bubble Tea Shops:

Explore independent bubble tea shops in your area. These smaller establishments often have their own signature drinks and may offer a more personalized experience. They might experiment with different flavors and combinations, providing a unique alternative to LiHO’s menu.

DIY Bubble Tea:

Consider making your own bubble tea at home. You can purchase boba pearls, tea leaves, and various flavored syrups online or at specialty stores. This allows you to customize your drinks to your liking and experiment with different flavors and toppings.

Healthy Smoothie Bars:

If you’re looking for a healthier alternative, consider visiting smoothie bars or juice shops. They offer a variety of fruit and vegetable-based smoothies, often with the option to add protein powders, superfoods, or other supplements.

Non-dairy Options:

If you prefer non-dairy or vegan alternatives, seek out bubble tea shops or cafes that specialize in plant-based milk options like almond milk, soy milk, or oat milk. They may have dairy-free versions of bubble tea and other creative beverages.


Liho offers a wide variety of drinks, including their popular cheese tea series, fruit teas, milk teas, and even specialty drinks like Yakult Green Tea and Golden Avocado Milk. Some of their signature drinks include the Brown Sugar Fresh Milk with Cheese Brulee, Da Hong Pao Milk Tea, and the Cheese Guan Yin Tea.

Yes, customers can customize their drinks at Liho by adjusting the sugar level, ice level, and toppings. They can also add extra ingredients such as pearls, jelly, or pudding to their drinks for an additional charge.

Liho is known for its wide variety of drinks, including their signature cheese tea series, fruit teas, and milk teas. Some of their most popular drinks include the Brown Sugar Fresh Milk with Cheese Brulee, the Da Hong Pao Milk Tea, and the Cheese Guan Yin Tea.

Yes, Liho offers several healthy options, including their range of fruit teas, which are made with real fruit and have no added sugar. They also offer a variety of green tea-based drinks and smoothies.

Yes, customers can adjust the sweetness level of their drinks at Liho. They can choose from several options, including full sugar, 50% sugar, 30% sugar, and no sugar. Customers can also request adjustments to the ice level and add toppings for an additional charge.

Yes, Liho offers seasonal drinks throughout the year, including special flavors for holidays like Chinese New Year and Christmas. They also occasionally introduce new limited-time flavors and collaborations with other brands.

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