Tash Tish Tosh Menu & Price List Singapore 2024

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tash tish tosh menu

Tash Tish Tosh Menu & Price List Singapore 2023

Tash Tish Tosh is a most popular and awesome restaurant located in Singapore at 50 Kandahar St, Singapore 198900. Reserve your seat there and enjoy your food with friends, family and colleagues. Get information about lickers menu also.

Tash Tish Tosh Menu & Price List Singapore. Got a delicious list of foods with a clean environment, you can find below with the latest prices. Singapore has many restaurants that have their own sense of foods and their way of presentation. Now let’s see how Tash Tish Tosh Menu & Price List Singapore can assist us.

Menu Price
Signature Garlic Cream Mussel S$12.50
Fried Chicken Wing S$21.00
Toasty Garlic Bread S$9.90
Toasty Garlic Cheese Bread S$4.50
Cream of Mushroom Soup S$5.90
Shrooms S$4.90
Tash Mash S$6.50
Chili Dawg S$6.50
Tashooka S$12.50
Fries S$4.50
Fries with Cheese Dip S$6.50
Smoked Salmon Bruschetta S$8.90
Smoked Salmon with Cream Cheese S$11.50
Roasted Beef Pepperoni S$11.50
Grilled Chicken S$11.50
Tuna Mango S$11.50
Egg Mayo S$11.50
Angus Ribeye
Angus Ribeye S$29.50
Angus Red Bone Toolang S$32.50
Wagyu Ribeye
Wagyu Ribeye MS8 S$59.90
Wagyu Red Bone Toolang S$62.90
Signature Toolang
Red Bone Toolang S$21.00
Signature Battleships
Battleship S$23.50
Mothership S$28.50
Destroyer S$33.50
Beef Bone Marrow S$18.50
Lamb Rack Chop S$24.50
Lamb Rib Stew S$29.50
Macho Burger S$16.90
The Bomb Burger S$15.90
Toolang Burger S$16.90
Meathead Boar Pizza S$19.90
Big Beef Bacon Boat Pizza S$19.90
Bomb Pizza S$19.90
Pepperoni Boat Pizza S$19.90
Hawaiian Boat Pizza S$19.90
Under the Sea S$19.90
Allo Allo Signature S$12.50
Allo Allo with Prawns S$15.50
Allo Allo with Grilled Chicken S$15.50
Cream Basil Soft Shell Crab S$21.50
Cream Basil Soft Seafood S$19.50
Cream Basil Beef Bacon S$17.50
Cream Basil Grilled Chicken S$16.90
PMS Belacan Arrabiata S$19.50
Mee Goreng Seafood S$19.50
Mee Goreng Beef S$19.50
Bomb Toolang S$19.90
Nasi Goreng
Nasi Goreng S$11.50
Nasi Goreng Wagyu S$22.50
Nasi Goreng Red Bone Toolang S$17.50
Saffron Salmon S$16.90
Fish & Chips S$15.50
Smoked Salmon Salad S$11.50
Salad Plain S$7.50
Vegetarian Pasta S$12.50
Grilled Chicken Salad S$11.50
Margherita S$19.90
Kid’s Meal
Cheesy 6 Inch Pizza S$10.90
Mac & Cheese S$7.90
Fish & Fries S$6.90
Hot Dawgs & Fries S$4.90
Nuggets & Fries S$6.90

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