Thai’D Me Up Menu & Price List Singapore 2023

Living in Singapore and looking for Thai’D Me Up Menu & Price List Singapore? Singmenu is the place where you can find menu lists with prices of every restaurant like Thai’D Me Up Menu & Price List Singapore. You can search any restaurant menus here with the latest menus from official Thai’D Me Up Menu & Price List Singapore outlets. We have collected and arranged the menus with prices below in tables for Thai’D Me Up Menu & Price List Singapore. Also have a look at zoey’s dinner menu.

Thai’D Me Up Menu & Price List Singapore

Thai’D Me Up Menu & Price List Singapore 2023

Thai’D Me Up Menu & Price List Singapore Got a delicious list of foods with a clean environment, you can find below with the latest prices. Singapore has many restaurants that have their own sense of foods and their way of presentation. Now let’s see how Thai’D Me Up Menu & Price List Singapore can assist us.

Menu Price
Veg Spring Roll 8pcs S$9.50
Golden Enoki Mushroom S$9.50
Deep Fried Minced Pork Ball S$11.90
Thai Fish Cake (5pcs) S$9.50
Homemade Prawn Cake (4pcs) S$14.50
Stuffed Chicken Wing 3pcs S$14.50
Grilled Chicken Skewer (4Pcs) S$10.90
Grilled Pork Skewer (4Pcs) S$11.90
Fried Crispy Pork With Garlic S$11.90
Grilled Jumbo Tiger Prawn 2 Pcs S$15.50
Deep-fried Soft Shell Crab S$17.90
Deep-fried Calamari S$17.90
Soup and Curry
Clear Tom Yum Soup S$15.90
Red Tom Yum Soup (Spicy) S$15.90
Tom Kha (Mild Spicy) S$15.90
Braised Fish Maw & Crab Meat S$30.90
Mixed Vegetable Soup S$10.90
Thai Braised Beef Soup S$20.50
Panang Curry (Mild Spicy) S$13.00
Red Curry (Mild Spicy) S$13.00
Green Curry (Mild Spicy) S$13.00
Papaya Salad S$10.90
Green Mango Salad S$11.90
Minced Meat Salad S$11.90
Glass Noodle Salad (Mild Spicy) S$15.50
Grilled Beef Salad S$17.90
Steamed Sea Bass with Lime and Garlic Sauce S$39.50
Deep Fried Lemongrass Sea Bass Fillet S$42.90
Crispy Sea Bass with Mango Salad S$42.90
Crispy Sweet & Sour Sea Bass S$42.90
Sweet and Sour Fish S$17.90
Basil Stir Fry Fish S$17.90
Basil Stir-fried Seafood S$24.90
Cereal Squid S$24.90
Egg Floss Butter Squid S$27.50
Marinated Thai Grilled Squid S$27.90
Tang Hoon Claypot Prawns S$25.00
Salted Egg Prawn S$24.90
Egg Floss Butter Prawn S$27.50
Cereal Prawn S$24.90
Black Pepper Prawn S$24.90
Cashew Nut Chicken S$14.50
Stir Fry Honey Chicken Cubes S$14.50
Thai Grilled Chicken S$15.50
Salted Egg Chicken S$15.50
Stir Fry Beef with Oyster Sauce S$20.90
Black Pepper Beef S$20.90
Grilled Pork Collar S$15.50
Honey Pork Ribs S$16.90
Grilled Kurobuta Pork Jowl (Mild Spicy) S$22.90
Stir Fry Basil Meat S$12.90
Stir Fry Ginger Meat S$15.50
Vegetable and Omelette
Stir-Fried Kai Lan S$11.90
Stir-Fried Kang Kong S$11.90
Sambal Long Bean S$11.90
Mixed Vegetables With Oyster Sauce S$11.90
Sambal Petai S$14.50
Sambal Kang Kong S$12.90
Stir-fried Cabbage with Dried Shrimp S$12.90
Plain Omelette S$10.90
Prawn Omelette S$15.90
Pork Omelette S$12.90
Crab Meat Omelette S$19.90
Rice and Noodles
Plain Steamed Rice S$1.50
Pineapple Fried Rice S$12.90
Egg Fried Rice S$11.90
Tom Yum Fried Rice S$12.90
Green Curry Fried Rice S$12.90
Shrimp Paste Fried Rice With Chicken S$15.50
Chicken Olive Fried Rice S$14.50
Basil Minced Chicken with Rice & Egg S$12.90
Basil Minced Pork with Rice & Egg S$12.90
Sambal Petai Fried Rice S$15.50
Crispy BeeHoon With Crab Meat S$24.90
Stir-Fried Rice Noodle (Phad Thai) S$12.90
Stir-Fried Drunken Kway Teow (Phad Kee Mao) S$12.90
Signature Stir Fried Kway Teow S$12.90
Tom Yum Stir-Fried Kway Teow S$12.90
Thai Hor Fun S$12.90
Stir-fried Glass Noodle S$12.90
Beef Boat Noodle S$17.90
Thai Drinks
Thai Milk Tea S$4.50
Iced Lemon Tea S$4.50
Lemongrass Tea S$4.50
Thai Milk Coffee S$4.50
Thai Green Milk Tea S$4.50
Thai Bandung S$4.50
Soft Drinks
Coke S$3.50
Coke Light S$3.50
Coke Zero S$3.50
Sprite S$3.50
Root Beer S$3.50
Soda Water S$3.50
Ginger Ale S$3.50
Mineral Water 500ml S$1.50
Sparkling Water 330ml S$4.50
Thai Desserts
Mango Sticky Rice Vegetarian S$9.50
Chendol Vegetarian S$6.90
Steam Tapioca with Coconut Cream S$6.90
Red Ruby Vegetarian S$6.90
Chang Beer S$9.00
3 Bottle Chang Beer S$25.90

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