Tim’s Restaurant Menu & Price List Singapore 2023

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Tim’s Restaurant Menu

Tim’s Restaurant Menu & Price List Singapore 2023

If you’re Looking for Tims Restaurant then you are at the right place. Here you will get complete details of the menu in the menu table. You can also see the coconut club menu.

Tim’s Restaurant Menu & Price List Singapore. Got a delicious list of foods with a clean environment, you can find below with the latest prices. Singapore has many restaurants that have their own sense of foods and their way of presentation. Now let’s see how Tim’s Restaurant Menu & Price List Singapore can assist us.

Menu Price
Nepali Appetizer
Chicken Momo
Spicy, typical Nepali style meat dumpling with fresh coriander, ginger and garlic, steamed and served with homemade achar
Fish Burger
Our hand breaded fish fillet deep-fried to perfection topped with our home made tartar sauce
Char-grilled Chicken Burger
A beautiful skinless marinated boneless chicken leg char-grilled util it is just nice topped with a special BBQ sauce
Angus Beef Burger
Delicious home made beef patties grilled to your liking with cheddar cheese and smothered with field mushroom sauce
Salad and Greens
Prawn Mango Salad
Fresh prawn tossed in olive oil, salt, pepper, white wine bed of crispy romaine lettuce topped with orange, mango and almond flakes served with thousand island dressing
Chicken Salad
Slice of chicken meat, boiled egg, tomato and cucumber on a bed of crisp lettuce greens with thousand island dressing
Fresh Garden Salad
Fresh iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, sliced onion, cucumber, carrot and capsicum with thousand island dressing
Coleslaw and Raisins
Mixed shredded greens with raisins tossed in creamy sauce
Pasta & Pizza
Chicken and Mushroom Spaghetti
Cook with tomato concasse
Spaghetti Carbonara
A smooth combination of bacon, egg yolk, mushroom and parmesan cheese in a light cream sauce
Spaghetti Seafood
Mixed seafood of prawn, mussel, squid and fish with sauce made from tomatoes, garlic, onion and herbs
Prawn Aglio e Olio
Healthy pasta “Linguine” with olive oil, red pepper flakes, garlic, basil, parsley and lemon jus
Pizza Vegetarian
The classic pizza with msuhroom, bell pepper, black olives onion and mozzarella cheese
Seafood Pizza
A delicious pizza with prawns, squids, fish and mussels topped with onion and mozzarella cheese
Chicken Parmesan
Juicy boneless leg coated with bread crumbs topped with mozzarella and parmesan oven broiled to perfection accompanied with basil tomato sauce pasta
Spaghetti Vegetarian
With mixed veggies of carrot, onion, capsicums and shiitake mushroom with tomato concasse
Tims Beef Pizza
Chef special tender slice beef, bell peppers, onion and mozzarella cheese
Margherita Pizza
The classic pizza with fresh tomatoes and mozzarella cheese
Seafood and Fish
Fish And Chips (Large)
All time favourite – a huge fish fillet fried in breadcrumbs served with tartar sauce
Pan-seared Pacific Dory
Served with mash potato and seasonal vegetables topped with salsa verde sauce
Grilled Cajun Salmon
Served with mash potato and seasonal vegetables smothered with mango salsa
Panseared Salmon with Prawn
Salmon with bbq prawn served with mash potato & seasonal vegetables served with teriyaki sauce
Salmon Teriyaki
Grilled to your liking laced with teriyaki sauce
New Zealand Beef and Chop
NZ Tenderloin Steak
NZ Rosemary Lamb Chop
NZ Rosemary Lamb Chop
US Pork Loin
US Pork Loin
Nepali Main Course
Authentic Neplai Roast Chicken
Spicy, succulent kampong chicken marinated with traditional Nepali herbs and spices, oven roast to perfection served with pulau rice achar and seasonal vegetables
Vegetarian Chowmein
Stir fry noodle with shitake mushroom, capsicum, cabbage with Nepali spices
Seafood Chowmein
Stir-fried noodle with prawn, squid and mussel with Nepali spices
Chicken Chowmein
Stir fry noodle with chicken and Nepali spices
Nepali Lamb Choila
Spicy, boneless spring lamb leg grilled to perfection marinate with pounded chili, garlic, ginger and Nepali spices served with pulau rice and radish achar
Value Main Course
Grilled Chicken S$9.80
Fish & Chips (Regular) S$10.80
Chicken Cutlet S$9.80
Grilled Fish S$10.80
Cake & Pastry
Apple Pie Slice S$4.82
American Cheese Cake S$4.82
Brownie Slice S$4.82
Tiramisu Cake S$4.82
Garlic Cheese Mussel 10 pieces S$13.91
Scallop Rockefeller (6 pieces) S$14.50
Cream of Mushroom S$4.28
Loaf Cake
Prune Loaf Cake S$6.96
Banana Loaf Cake S$5.89
Brownie Loaf Cake S$8.03
Finger Food
Crispy Calamari S$10.49
Fried Chicken Wings (3 pieces) S$6.00
Onion Rings S$5.50
French Fries S$3.50
Chicken Nuggets S$6.50
Signature Dish
Rack Of Lamb with Baked Potato S$27.80
BBQ Pork Ribs S$18.80
Braised Lamb Shank S$25.50
Surf and Turf Combo
BBQ Chicken with Fish S$19.80
BBQ Chicken with Prawn S$19.80
Grilled Fish with sausage S$19.80
Grilled Chicken with Sausage S$19.80
Cold Drinks
Coca Cola S$2.35
Coke Light S$2.68
Iced Lemon Tea S$2.35

Tims Restaurant Menu Has Been Categorized As Following

  • Nepali Appetizer
  • Burgers
  • Salad and Greens
  • Pasta & Pizza
  • Beef
  • Appetizer
  • Soups
  • Loaf Cake
  • Cold Drinks
  • Seafood and Fish
  • Nepali Main Course
  • New Zealand Beef and Chop
  • Value Main Course
  • Cake & Pastry
  • Finger Food
  • Signature Dish
  • Surf and Turf Combo

Tim’s Restaurant Menu-Nepali Appetizer

Tim’s Restaurant Menu-Nepali Appetizer
Tim’s Restaurant Menu-Nepali Appetizer

Price List Of Burgers In This Menu

Tim’s Restaurant Menu-Burgers
Tim’s Restaurant Menu-Burgers

Price List of Slad And Greens Category In This Menu

Tim’s Restaurant Menu-Salad And Greens
Tim’s Restaurant Menu-Salad And Greens

Short Video Of The Tim’s Restaurant Menu

Location And Contacts

  • +6562505246

Opening And Closing Time

  • Sunday, 11:30am–10pm
  • Monday, 11:30am–10pm
  • Tuesday, 11:30am–10pm
  • Wednesday, 11:30am–10pm
  • Thursday, 11:30am–10pm
  • Friday, 11:30am–10pm
  • Saturday, 11:30am–10pm

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