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Roti King Menu & Price List Singapore 2024

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Roti King Menu

Roti King Menu & Price List Singapore 2024

If you’re in Singapore and Want to eat simple food then Roti Kind menu is best for you. In this menu you will get Roti with different dishes like Dhal, Chicken and Mutton. Enjoy your day with this awesome food. You can also visit Green House Bistro Menu.

Indulge in an extraordinary culinary journey as we unravel the diverse and tantalizing delights of the Roti King menu. Located in the heart of the city, Roti King is renowned for its authentic Southeast Asian cuisine that combines bold spices, vibrant flavors, and exquisite craftsmanship. In this article, we will guide you through the intricacies of the Roti King menu, crafted to delight your taste buds and transport you to the vibrant streets of Southeast Asia.

Roti King Menu Price Table 2024

The Roti King menu boasts an impressive selection of flaky and flavorful rotis that are a true indulgence. Sink your teeth into the traditional Roti Canai, a buttery and layered flatbread served with aromatic curry dipping sauce. For a twist, try the Roti Murtabak, a stuffed roti filled with savory minced meat, onions, and spices.

Here Is the Price List

Roti Canai
Roti Dhal
Two pieces of roti. Served with kari. Vegetarian.
Roti Chicken
Two pieces of roti. Served with kari. Vegetarian.
Roti Mutton
Two pieces of roti. Served with kari.
Roti Fish
Two pieces of roti. Served with kari.
Vegan Roti and Dhal
Two pieces of roti. Served with kari. Vegetarian.
Extra Roti
Extra piece of roti.
Extra Vegan Roti
Extra piece of vegan roti.
Lamb Murtabak
Comes with dhal kari. Roti with filling.
Egg Roti
Comes with dhal kari. Roti with filling. Vegetarian.
Cheese Roti
Roti with filling. Vegetarian.
Spinach and Cheese
Roti with filling. Vegetarian.
Chicken Murtabak
Comes with dhal kari. Filled roti.
Rice Dishes
Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng Berempah
Steamed coconut rice served with peanuts, fried anchovies, cucumber, egg, sambal, and spiced fried chicken. Spicy.
Nasi Goreng
Stir fried rice with eggs, seafood, and chicken.
Beef Rendang
Beef slow cooked in aromatic spices and coconut, served with steamed coconut rice. Spicy.
Noodle Dishes
Mee Goreng Mamak
Stir fried egg noodles, chicken, prawns, and tofu. Spicy.
Kari Laksa
Egg noodles in a coconut curry broth with seafood and chicken. Spicy.
Char Kuey Teow
Stir fried flat rice noodles with egg, prawns, and chicken. Spicy.
Side of Chicken Curry
Side of Chicken Curry
Kangkung Belacan
Morning glory cooked in shrimp paste and sambal. Spicy.
Fried Chicken
Spiced fried chicken served with spicy sambal
Sweet Roti
Coconut. Vegetarian.
Condensed milk. Vegetarian.
Banana. Vegetarian.
Teh Tarik
Malaysian pull tea with condensed milk served hot.
Sambal sauce pot
Spicy sambal sauce (contains shrimp paste
Sambal balacan sauce pot
Nasi Lemak sambal. Contains shrimp paste. Spicy
Soft Drinks
Diet Zero
Diet Zero
Still Water
Still Water
Sparkling Water
Sparkling Water

Categories of Roti King Menu

  • Roti Canai
  • Murtabak
  • Rice Dishes
  • Noodle Dishes
  • Soft Drinks
  • Sides
  • Sweet Roti
  • Tea
  • Extras

Roti King- Roti Canai Price

Roti King Menu- Roti Canai Price
Roti King Menu- Roti Canai

Roti King- Murtabak Price

Roti King Menu- Murtabak Price
Roti King Menu- Murtabak

Roti King- Rice Dishes

Roti King Menu- Rice Dishes
Roti King Menu- Rice Dishes Price

Short Video Of Roti King Menu

Location And Contact

  • +6563969786

Opening And Closing Hours

  • Wednesday, Open 24 hours
  • Thursday, Open 24 hours
  • Friday, Open 24 hours
  • Saturday, Open 24 hours
  • Sunday, Open 24 hours
  • Monday, Open 24 hours
  • Tuesday, Open 24 hours

About Roti King Restaurant

Roti King Restaurant invites you to embark on a culinary adventure that transcends borders. Step into a world where flavors collide, and spices dance on your palate. With every bite of our flaky rotis, aromatic curries, and mouthwatering noodle specialties, you’ll experience the essence of Southeast Asian cuisine. At Roti King, we create a unique and creative dining experience that celebrates the rich tapestry of flavors found only in our kitchen.

Alternatives Of Roti King Menu

Roti Delight:

Experience a symphony of flavors with our Roti Delight menu, featuring a variety of flaky rotis accompanied by an array of aromatic curries and chutneys.

Noodle Extravaganza:

Dive into a world of noodle indulgence with our Noodle Extravaganza menu, offering a diverse range of stir-fried, soup-based, and saucy noodle dishes inspired by different Asian cuisines.

Rice Fusion:

Immerse yourself in the fusion of flavors with our Rice Fusion menu, featuring tantalizing rice dishes influenced by the cuisines of India, Malaysia, Thailand, and beyond.

Vegetarian Paradise:

Discover the vibrant flavors of our Vegetarian Paradise menu, where plant-based ingredients shine in a variety of innovative and delectable dishes.

Street Food Spectacular:

Relish the vibrant street food culture with our Street Food Spectacular menu, showcasing popular delicacies such as satay skewers, crispy samosas, savory pakoras, and more.

Seafood Symphony:

Delight in the fresh catch of the day with our Seafood Symphony menu, featuring an array of succulent seafood dishes infused with aromatic spices and served with flavorful sauces.

Tropical Temptations:

Indulge in the tropical flavors of our Tropical Temptations menu, where dishes infused with exotic fruits and spices take center stage, transporting you to the sun-kissed shores of Southeast Asia.


Absolutely! Roti King understands the importance of catering to different dietary preferences and offers a variety of vegetarian options on their menu. From flavorful vegetable curries to delicious paneer dishes, there’s something to satisfy every vegetarian palate.

Yes, Roti King is mindful of dietary restrictions and offers gluten-free alternatives for their menu items. Whether it’s gluten-free rotis or gluten-free curry dishes, you can enjoy the authentic flavors of Roti King’s cuisine without compromising your dietary needs.

Certainly! At Roti King, they understand that everyone has different preferences when it comes to spice. You can inform the staff about your desired spice level, and they will be happy to adjust the spiciness of your dishes accordingly, ensuring a personalized dining experience.

Yes, Roti King prioritizes the safety and well-being of their guests. They are accommodating towards food allergies and sensitivities. Simply inform the staff about your specific allergy or dietary restriction, and they will guide you towards suitable menu choices or make necessary adjustments to cater to your needs.

Absolutely! Roti King understands the convenience of enjoying their delicious cuisine in the comfort of your own home. They offer takeaway services for you to place an order and pick it up. Additionally, they may provide delivery options through partnering delivery platforms, allowing you to savor their flavors without leaving your doorstep.


Embark on a culinary adventure like no other with the vibrant and diverse offerings of the Roti King menu. From the flaky rotis to the aromatic curries, each dish showcases the rich tapestry of flavors that Southeast Asian cuisine has to offer. Whether you’re a fan of the comforting noodle specialties or the tantalizing rice dishes, Roti King promises an unforgettable dining experience that will transport you to the bustling streets of Southeast Asia.

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