Handlebar Menu & Price List Singapore 2024

Living in Singapore and looking for Handlebar Menu & Price List Singapore? Singmenu is the place where you can find menu lists with prices of every restaurant like Handlebar Menu & Price List Singapore. You can search any restaurant menus here with the latest menus from official Handlebar Menu & Price List Singapore outlets. We have collected and arranged the menus with prices below in tables for Handlebar Menu & Price List Singapore. You can also find char grill bar menu here.

Handlebar Menu

Handlebar Menu & Price List Singapore 2023

If you are vegetarian and like to eat vegetarian food then Handlebar menu is perfect for you. In this menu you can taste any dish according to your choice. Have a look at the menu listed below.

Handlebar Menu & Price List Singapore. Got a delicious list of foods with a clean environment, you can find below with the latest prices. Singapore has many restaurants that have their own sense of foods and their way of presentation. Now let’s see how Handlebar Menu & Price List Singapore can assist us.

Menu Price
Roadside Green
Caesar Salad S$14.12
Arugula Salad S$14.12
Garden Salad S$11.80
Homemade Pizza
Margherita Pizza S$11.80
Pepperoni Pizza S$14.12
Smoked Pork with Jalapeno Pizza S$16.48
Sausage Platter S$23.54
Cocaine Wings S$16.48
Mac & Cheese S$15.30
Murderous Chili S$14.12
Bad Attitude Stuffed Jalapeno S$11.80
Guacamole with Baguette S$11.80
Broccoli Frito S$8.24
Cauliflower Frito S$8.24
Nachos S$8.24
Cheese Nachos S$11.77
Chili Cheese Nachos S$16.48
Biker Eats
FTW Ribeye 350gm S$61.20
1%er Tenderloin 200gm S$47.08
Satan’s Beef Short Ribs S$42.37
Righteous Pork Ribs S$37.66
Silence of the Lamb S$42.37
Grilled Jumbo King Prawns S$32.96
Slap Yo Momma Pork Chop S$28.25
Southern Country Chicken Steak S$21.19
Double Cheese Burger S$27.07
Cheese Burger S$18.83
Vegetarian Portobello Mushroom Burger S$21.19
Grilled Chicken Burger S$16.48
Fish Burger S$16.48
Bangers & Mash S$24.72
Fish & Chips S$20.00
Outlaw Chicken Gumbo S$17.66
Horsepower Beef Stew S$18.83
Jumbo Hot Dog S$16.48
Non Alcoholic Beverages
Orangina S$8.00
Still Water S$5.00
Sparkling Water S$5.00
Asahi S$12.95
Budweiser S$12.95
Corona S$12.95
Spitfire S$17.66
San Miguel Lite S$11.77
Fruli Strawberry S$12.95
Kilkenny S$14.12
Housepour Wines
Montes Cabernet Sauvignon S$56.50
Montes Sauvignon Blanc S$56.50
Prosecco S$58.85

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