Eighteen Chefs Menu & Price List Singapore 2024

Living in Singapore and looking for Eighteen Chefs Menu & Price List Singapore? Singmenu is the place where you can find menu lists with prices of every restaurant like Eighteen Chefs Menu & Price List Singapore. You can search any restaurant menus here with the latest menus from official Eighteen Chefs Menu & Price List Singapore outlets. We have collected and arranged the menus with prices below in tables for Eighteen Chefs Menu & Price List Singapore.

Eighteen Chefs Menu

Eighteen Chefs Menu & Price List Singapore 2023

If you want to taste any of dish from the menu listed below then have a seat at Eighteen Chefs restaurant in Singapore that is located at 200 Victoria St, #04 – 06, Singapore. There environment is very pleasant and serve customers in a very well manners. Also check Canton Paradise Menu.

Eighteen Chefs Menu & Price List Singapore. Got a delicious list of foods with a clean environment, you can find below with the latest prices. Singapore has many restaurants that have their own sense of foods and their way of presentation. Now let’s see how Eighteen Chefs Menu & Price List Singapore can assist us.

Menu Price
Soup of the Day S$3.96
Chicken Nuggets S$5.04
Onion Rings S$5.04
Popcorn Chicken S$6.96
Calamari Rings S$8.16
Roasted Chicken Drummettes (6 PCS) S$8.64
Honey Rock Sugar Wings 6 Pcs S$8.64
French Fries S$4.20
Cheesy Fries S$5.76
Bolognese Cheese Fries S$7.80
Sambal Cheese Fries S$7.80
Salted Egg Fries S$8.28
Cheese Fondue S$4.56
Salted Egg Fondue S$5.76
Nacho Cheese S$1.80
Snack Platter S$17.40
Cheesy Snack Platter S$19.08
Salted Egg Snack Platter S$20.28
Grilled Chicken Salad S$11.52
Eighteen Funky Salad S$11.52
Eighteen Beef Burger S$15.48
Salted Egg Crispy Chicken Burger S$13.08
Classic Fish Burger S$14.28
Carbonara with Sous Vide Egg S$14.16
Prawn Aglio Olio S$18.96
Truffle Cheese Fusilli S$15.36
Tom Yum Seafood Fusilli S$16.56
Grilled Chicken Pesto Pasta S$12.96
Beef Bolognese S$12.96
Salted Egg Prawn Pasta S$16.56
Shimeji Mushroom & Asparagus Aglio Olio S$12.96
Meat & Seafood Lovers
Striploin S$20.16
Ribeye S$22.56
Teriyaki Chicken S$12.96
BBQ Chicken S$12.96
Crispy Fried Chicken S$14.16
BBQ Chicken & Prawns S$17.76
Chicken & Sausage S$15.36
Teriyaki Salmon S$20.16
Ribeye with 3 Pcs Prawns & 4 Pcs Calamari Rings S$30.96
Fish & Chips S$17.76
Heart Attack Fried Rice
HA Fried Rice with 64 Degrees Egg S$10.20
HA Grilled Chicken Fried Rice S$15.36
HA Tempura Fish Fillet Fried Rice S$19.44
HA Striploin Fried Rice S$21.36
HA Striploin Steak with Black Pepper Chicken Sausage S$22.56
HA Ribeye Steak with Black Pepper Chicken Sausage S$24.96
Degrees Egg S$2.40
Be Your Own Chef
Spaghetti S$11.04
Fusilli S$11.76
Cheese Baked Rice S$11.04
Cheese Baked Spaghetti S$12.12
Cheese Baked Fusilli S$12.60
Bottled Water Bottled S$2.16
18C Iced Lemon Tea S$3.96
Iced Honey Lemon Tea S$3.96
Iced Latte S$4.20
Lime Soda S$4.56
Grape Soda S$4.56
Blue Ocean S$5.40
Coke S$3.60
Coke Zero S$3.60
Root Beer S$3.60
Frozen Oreo S$5.40
Banana & Mango Smoothie S$5.40
Strawberry & Mango Smoothie S$5.40
Brownie S$6.12

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