Dunkin Donuts Menu

Dunkin Donuts Menu & Price List Singapore 2024

Dunkin’ Donuts is a popular chain of coffee and baked goods stores with a menu that includes a wide range of items. One of their most iconic products is, of course, the donut. The Dunkin’ Donuts menu features a vast selection of donuts, from classic glazed and chocolate to more unique flavors like blueberry cake and maple bacon. They also offer seasonal donuts, such as pumpkin and peppermint, which are only available for a limited time each year.

Dunkin Donuts Menu

Dunkin Donuts Menu & Price List Singapore 2024

The menu listed below is for those who loves to eat delicious donuts. In this menu you will get different flavors of donuts in this menu. In addition to their donuts, the Dunkin’ Donuts menu also features a variety of coffee and espresso drinks. Their coffee is freshly brewed and available in a range of flavors, including their famous Original Blend and the rich and bold Dark Roast. Customers can also enjoy lattes, cappuccinos, and frozen coffee drinks like the Dunkin’ Frozen Coffee. With so many options on their menu, Dunkin’ Donuts has something for everyone’s taste buds.

RestaurantDunkin Donuts Restaurant
Delivery Hotline+65 6509 8511
Location2 Orchard Turn, B4-60, Singapore 238801
TimingsSaturday To Friday 10AM–9PM

Dunkin Donuts Menu Price Table

Store-selected Half DozenS$13.30
Store-selected DozenS$26.60
Berry Mochi MochiS$2.30
Black ForestS$2.30
Choco ButternutS$2.30
Sugar RaisedS$2.30
Double Choc CakeS$2.30
Strawberry FilledS$2.30
Powdered SugarS$2.30
Hot Matcha Green Tea LatteS$5.80
Hot Mocha Swirl LatteS$5.80
Hot Caramel Swirl LatteS$5.80
Hot LatteS$4.70
Hot CappuccinoS$4.70
Hot AmericanoS$3.70
Hot ChocolateS$4.20
Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte (no whipped cream)S$6.30
Iced Mocha Swirl Latte (no whipped cream)S$6.30
Iced Caramel Swirl Latte (no whipped cream)S$6.30
Cold Brew CoffeeS$4.20
Iced Latte (no whipped cream)S$5.25
Iced AmericanoS$4.20
Iced ChocolateS$4.70

Categories Of Dunkin Donuts Menu

  • Donuts
  • Drinks

Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts Drinks

Dunkin Donuts Drink

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Location And Contact

  • +65 6509 8511

Opening And Closing Hours

  • Saturday, 10AM–9PM
  • Sunday, 10AM–9PM
  • Monday, 10AM–9PM
  • Tuesday, 10AM–9PM
  • Wednesday, 10AM–9PM
  • Thursday, 10AM–9PM
  • Friday, 10AM–9PM

About Dunkin Donuts Restaurant

Welcome to Dunkin’ Donuts, Singapore’s ultimate destination for delicious treats! Experience the mouthwatering delight of our freshly baked donuts, perfectly paired with a steaming cup of our signature coffee. Our cozy and inviting atmosphere creates the perfect backdrop for enjoying our wide range of flavors, from classic favorites to innovative creations. Indulge your taste buds and satisfy your cravings at Dunkin’ Donuts Singapore, where every bite is a moment of pure bliss.

Best Selling Items Of Dunkin Donuts Menu

Here are some of their best selling items from their menu:

Classic Glazed Donut:

A timeless favorite, this soft and fluffy donut coated with a sweet glaze is a go-to choice for many Dunkin’ Donuts fans.

Boston Kreme Donut:

Filled with smooth and creamy Bavarian custard and topped with a rich chocolate glaze, this donut is a heavenly treat.

Original Blend Coffee:

Dunkin’ Donuts’ signature coffee blend is a crowd-pleaser, delivering a smooth and flavorful cup of joe to kickstart your day.


These bite-sized donut holes come in a variety of flavors and are perfect for sharing or enjoying as a quick snack.

Bacon, Egg & Cheese Croissant:

A breakfast classic, this savory sandwich features crispy bacon, fluffy eggs, and melted cheese on a buttery croissant.

Iced Coffee:

A refreshing choice, Dunkin’ Donuts’ iced coffee comes in various flavors and can be customized with your choice of sweeteners and creamers.

French Cruller:

This light and airy donut with a delicate, twisted shape is a favorite among those who appreciate a slightly more sophisticated taste.

Alternatives Of Dunkin Donuts Singapore

If you’re looking for alternatives to the Dunkin’ Donuts menu, consider these delightful options:

Crispy Cravings:

A haven for crispy treats, offering a delectable selection of gourmet churros, served with luscious dipping sauces.

Sweet Delights Café:

Indulge in a variety of freshly baked pastries, including flaky croissants, melt-in-your-mouth cinnamon rolls, and decadent Danish pastries.

Frosted Fantasies:

A paradise for dessert lovers, featuring a range of artisanal cupcakes, tantalizing cake slices, and irresistible cake pops in an array of flavors.

Brew & Bagels:

Experience the perfect harmony of freshly brewed artisanal coffee and hand-rolled, chewy bagels with an assortment of toppings and spreads.

Sugar & Spice Bakery:

Discover a treasure trove of handcrafted pies, tarts, and cookies, where the aroma of freshly baked goods fills the air, promising delightful moments with each bite.

Krispy Kreme Menu

Experience a burst of flavors with decadent filled doughnuts, from creamy custards to fruity delights. Pair your treat with a handcrafted coffee or a refreshing iced beverage for the ultimate Krispy Kreme experience. Come, savor the joy of melt-in-your-mouth goodness at Krispy Kreme Menu enticing menu.


Dunkin’ Donuts offers a vast selection of donuts on their menu, ranging from classic glazed and chocolate to more unique flavors like blueberry cake and maple bacon. The exact number of donut varieties on the menu may vary by location.

Dunkin’ Donuts menu features a range of coffee and espresso drinks, including their famous Original Blend and Dark Roast coffee. They also offer lattes, cappuccinos, and frozen coffee drinks like the Dunkin’ Frozen Coffee.

Dunkin’ Donuts offers several healthy options on their menu, including oatmeal, egg white flatbreads, and veggie egg white wraps. They also have a DDSMART menu that includes items with reduced calories, sugar, and fat.

Yes, Dunkin’ Donuts allows customers to customize their orders. You can choose your preferred coffee flavor, milk type, and sugar level, and add flavor shots or syrups to your drink. You can also select your donut type or create your own donut box.

Yes, Dunkin’ Donuts offers seasonal items on their menu, such as pumpkin and peppermint donuts, which are only available for a limited time each year. They also have seasonal coffee flavors and specialty drinks to celebrate holidays and special occasions.


The Dunkin’ Donuts menu is a symphony of delectable delights that leaves taste buds dancing with joy. From the classic Glazed Donuts that melt in your mouth to the rich and creamy Boston Kreme, each bite is a blissful indulgence. With their signature coffee blends and mouthwatering breakfast sandwiches, Dunkin’ Donuts offers a complete culinary experience. So step into the world of sweet and savory perfection, where every visit to Dunkin’ Donuts is a delightful journey for the senses.

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