Cafe de Paris Menu & Price List Singapore 2024

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Cafe de Paris Menu

Cafe de Paris Menu & Price List Singapore 2023

If you want to visit Cafe de Paris restaurant and don’t know where is it located then follow the following address to reach there: 313 Orchard Rd, #B1-37, Singapore 238895. This restaurant entertaining its customers with quality dishes. You can also view additional menu like decker barbecue menu.

Cafe de Paris Menu & Price List Singapore. Got a delicious list of foods with a clean environment, you can find below with the latest prices. Singapore has many restaurants that have their own sense of foods and their way of presentation. Now let’s see how Cafe de Paris Menu & Price List Singapore can assist us.

Menu Price
Cake Slices, Macarons & Desserts
Lemon Meringue
House-made lemon curd from hand-squeezed fresh lemon juice and zest nestled amidst layers of vanilla sponge, finished with a torched meringue frosting.
Mille Crepe
Our very own home made specialty, crafted withlove care & layer by layer
Ondeh Ondeh Cake
Recommended. A delicious version of the traditional Singaporean kueh! 4 pandan layers filled with guka melaka cream & coconut. Must try
Red Velvet Cake
A velvety sponge filled topped with cream &mascarpone cheese
Rainbow Cake
A kaleidoscope of multi coloured sponge amidst decadent layers of honeyed cream cheese frosting
Tiramisu Dessert
Recommended. Italian dessert with espresso, mascarpone cheese, eggs & whipped cream topped with blueberries
Oreo Cheesecake
American cheesecake baked with real Oreo cookies
Speculoos Cheesecake
American cheesecake baked with caramelised biscuits
Honey Hazelnut Earl Grey Cake
Earl grey infused sponge layered with earl grey & hazelnut cream
Lychee Rose Cake
Tantalising real lychee cake layered & infused with rose
Yuzu Osmanthus
A refreshing and light option with Japanese Yuzu-infused cream between layers, topped with aromatic dried Osmanthus flowers
Earl Grey Cheesecake
Dilmah earl grey tea leaves, Japanese earl grey powder blended in a rich cream & set atop a hand pressed graham cracker base
Comes in Chocolate, Coffee, Vanilla, Lemon, Raspberry, Earl Grey, Salted Caramel, Orange, Passion Fruit
Orh Nee Yam Cake
A soft light purple sponge layered with traditional Teochew yam paste and coconut cream
Korean Fresh Fruits Bonbon Delights
Mango Bonbon S$14.24
Strawberry Bonbon S$14.24
Grape Bonbon S$13.44
Melon Bonbon S$14.24
Blueberry Bonbon S$13.44
Pineapple Bonbon S$13.44
Brownie Bonbon S$13.44
Mixed Fruits Salad S$12.64
Lazy Brunch S$14.24
Avocado Toast S$10.24
Egg Toast S$9.44
Beef Bulgogi Wrap S$11.04
Minced Chicken Lasagne S$12.64
Beef Lasagne S$12.64
Chicken Italian Toast S$14.24
Beef Pepperoni Pizza S$9.44
Hawaiian Pizza S$9.44
Fresh Juices & Milkshakes
Orange Juice S$5.60
Apple Juice S$5.60
Pineapple Juice S$5.60
Mango Juice S$5.92
Strawberry Juice S$6.40
Apple & Kiwi Juice S$6.40
Lemon & Orange Juice S$6.40
Avocado Milkshake S$7.04
Strawberry Milkshake S$7.84
Vanilla Milkshake S$7.84
Speciality Coffee
Espresso S$4.00
Espresso Macchiato S$4.40
Espresso Con Panna S$4.40
Americano S$4.40
Flat White S$5.20
Cappuccino S$5.20
Latte S$5.20
Flavoured Latte S$5.52
Honey Yuzu S$4.40
Honey Ginger S$4.40
Honey Jujube S$4.40
Green Tea Latte S$5.60
Sweet Potato Latte S$5.60
Chocolate S$5.60
Green Tea Frappuccino S$6.80
Chocolate Frappuccino S$6.80
Sweet Potato Frappuccino S$6.80
French Tea
Jasmine Green Tea S$6.00
Earl Grey Tea S$6.00
English Breakfast S$6.00
Mint Tea S$6.00
Red Berry Tea S$6.00
Chamomile Tea S$6.00
Fries S$7.04
Popcorn Chicken S$7.84
Roasted Drumlets S$7.84
Tempura Chicken Cheese Strips S$7.84
Golden Chicken Nuggets S$7.84

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