BlackBall Menu & Price List Singapore 2024

Living in Singapore and looking for BlackBall Menu & Price List Singapore? Singmenu is the place where you can find menu lists with prices of every restaurant like BlackBall Menu & Price List Singapore. You can search any restaurant menus here with the latest menus from official BlackBall Menu & Price List Singapore outlets. We have collected and arranged the menus with prices below in tables for BlackBall Menu & Price List Singapore. Also visit baden restaurant pub menu to get more info about this menu.

BlackBall Menu

BlackBall Menu & Price List Singapore 2023

You can see the list of blackball menu with all the dishes including in it. You can also explore the taste by dinning at restaurant or take away.

BlackBall Menu & Price List Singapore. Got a delicious list of foods with a clean environment, you can find below with the latest prices. Singapore has many restaurants that have their own sense of foods and their way of presentation. Now let’s see how BlackBall Menu & Price List Singapore can assist us.

Menu Price
Dessert Combos
101. Blackball Signature Dessert S$6.50
111. Hearty Purple Potato Dessert S$5.90
Blackball Signature Deluxe S$8.50
104 Tofu Beancurd with Taro & Sweet Potato Balls S$5.90
105.Tofu Beancurd with Mini Matcha & Mini Sesame Ball S$5.90
Personalize Your Dessert
Personalize Your Dessert S$2.50
Blackball Qffles
Original Qffle S$2.00
QQ Golden Sweet Potato S$3.00
Specialty Drink Series
501. Aiyu Jelly Honey Drink S$3.80
502. Pudding Milk Tea S$3.80
503. BOBA Milk Tea S$2.90
504. Grass Jelly Milk Tea S$3.50
505. Milk Tea S$2.70
506. Guan Xi Xian Cao Tea S$3.10
507. Xian Cao Tea with Grass Jelly S$3.30
508. Passion Fruit Green Tea S$3.10
509. 3Q Passion Green Tea S$3.90
510. Brown Sugar Conjac Milk Tea S$3.90
513. Taro Milk Tea S$3.50
514. Taro Milk Tea with Pearl S$3.80
515. Sour Plum Tea S$3.30
Fresh Milk Series
401. Xian Cao Tea with Fresh Milk S$3.30
402. Grass Jelly with Fresh Milk S$3.80
403. Fresh Milk Tea S$3.30
404. Fresh Milk with Pearls S$3.80
Traditional Tea
601. Black Tea S$2.40
602. Green Tea S$2.40
Mini Balls Series
701. Milk Tea with Mini Ball S$3.50
702. Fresh Milk with Mini Ball S$4.10
703. Winter Melon Tea with Mini Ball S$3.30
704. Taro Milk Tea with Mini Ball S$4.20
Wintermelon Series
301. Melon Lemon S$3.00
302. Melon Lemon with Aiyu Jelly S$3.50
303. Melon Tea with Grass Jelly S$3.30
304. Melon Tea with Pearls S$3.10
305. Melon Tea with Fresh Milk S$3.10
306. Winter Melon Tea S$2.80
Refreshing Summer
Grape Fruit Green Tea S$3.50
3Q Grape Fruit Green Tea S$4.20

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